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Two or three times the price, the low-end LCD screen when a serious shortage of off?

2017-02-16 10:15:40 Read


"This year I encountered more than 10 years since the most serious one LCD screen out of stock, many products from the beginning of this year prices have doubled in the low - end products and even rose two to three times.

Shenzhen CD-letter Electronics Co., Ltd., chairman of the international electronics business is anxious to lament the international electronic business, the upper reaches of tight capacity, inadequate supply, downstream customer demand, short supply situation is expected to continue for a longer period of time.

This year from the LCD screen to the MTK kit, crystal, etc., the phenomenon occurred in a comprehensive shortage. On the LCD screen, many factors led to the current stock situation. Lu Naimei analysis of the reasons. The first is the supply of reduced, especially in the low-end LCD screen supplier. Last year, South Korea's LG LCD display in China LCD (Cell) business, there have been more than 100 million US dollars of losses this year, LG is no longer on the Chinese market supply of liquid crystal glass (Cell), which many high-end module factory, especially Shanwei Truly has brought a direct impact on the integrity of the LCD panel has been about half of the procurement from the LG display; Samsung closed last year, two low-generation LCD screen production line, the equipment sold to the credit, but has not formed a new capacity.

Shenzhen WISEWHEEL Electronics Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Naiming

Taiwan's four panel factories, including AUO, Chi Mei, CPT and Han Choi from the end of last year also made the adjustment of product mix and product structure, because the price continued to decline, AUO and Chi Mei from the second half of last year basically abandoned HD and the following In the low-end market, focus on HD and FHD in the high-end market; Huaying original 6-generation line, 4.5 on behalf of the line and 4 on behalf of the line three production lines, because last year's price drop is too large, a serious loss, the second half of last year, There is no competitive advantage of the 4th generation and 4.5 generations of two low-generation production line, retaining only the 6-generation line to continue production; Han Choi's overall size is small, only 5.3 on behalf of the line, the impact on the market is not so Taiwan's LCD screen Suppliers in addition to Han Choi, the other three have reduced the supply of liquid crystal glass in the mainland, especially in the low-end supply.

In recent years, the market share of domestic mobile phone brands has increased rapidly, especially after the online channels are relatively stable, with the advantages of offline channels such as OPPO, VIVO and other rapid growth since last year, while overseas markets such as India, Africa from last year, The size of the function of mobile phones to large-size low-end smart phones, the domestic focus on export market companies, such as Tianlong, acoustic and other markets in the overseas market growth is also very fast, there are some companies to do the transformation of the machine, such as Watford Also have greater growth. These markets on the 5-inch low-resolution LCD display products have a huge demand. From the panel production, a 5-generation line cutting small-size functional machine using the 1.8-inch display can cut about 1000; and cut large-size intelligent machine using 5-inch display can only cut to 170 or so, in the same capacity Because the size of the change will lead to a significant reduction in the number of output, so that even if the overall mobile phone market is not growing demand, the market will be a serious shortage of domestic investment in the past few years on the LCD screen all focused on large-size LCD TV and High-end LTPS market, there is no low-end A-si production lines to increase, and this market demand is still very strong, leading to a serious shortage of the current market.

In addition, the domestic high-end mobile phone brands such as OPPO / VIVO / Meizu and other high-end models in the past have been imported AMOLED, since the second half of last year, demand growth is extremely rapid, and AMOLED display market, the basic only a Samsung Electronics supplier , Samsung Electronics in the out of stock will give priority to ensure that their own mobile phone product demand, this year's Samsung AMOLED display in the domestic market a serious shortage of supply, OPPO and VIVO this big brand is currently only get 67% Because many in the next two years, AMOLED display will maintain a monopoly of Samsung Electronics pattern, including the OPPO / VIVO / Huawei / MEIZU and other big brands, originally planned for next year to use AMOLED display high-end models, and now worry about the supply of AMOLED next year, and re-use back to the LTPS high-end LCD screen, which will exacerbate the LCD out of stock continued.

To sum up, Lu is that the LCD screen in short supply situation will be maintained for a long time, may not be able to ease next year.

"However, relatively speaking, the high-end market shortage will ease with the increase in production capacity, the second half of this year, including Wuhan Huaxing 6-generation line, AUO Kunshan 6-generation line, CLP Panda Nanjing 8.5-generation line IGZO), BOE Chongqing 8.5-generation line of mobile phone production capacity will begin to release, FHD resolution high-end display is expected to be effectively alleviate the shortage. "Lu Naimei said, due to low-end display out of stock prices caused by serious While the BOE Chongqing 8.5 generation line and the Nanjing Panda 8.5 generation line have confirmed the development of 5 "HD and 5.2" HD and other mid-range products, will ease the A-si production capacity will be a large part of the demand will shift to high-end market, The lack of.

Out of stock market in short supply, the price of natural rise. Lu Naiming frankly, out of stock agents can certainly guarantee profits during the period, but the company will not artificially raise prices, only a reasonable profit in order to ensure long-term development of the industry. With Lu total words, the company has been used to do the mentality of the industry to do the agent, out of stock will give priority to support its customers in the off-season.

Lu total also believes that long-term shortage is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, moderate tension is benign. "Supply can reach 90%, we think it is more reasonable because the upstream supply of reduced lead to stock, our sales and sales agents will be reduced accordingly, some agents in the stock price when the man-made roasted seeds and nuts Behavior, the reputation of the entire distribution industry has a negative impact; while long-term out of stock also accelerated the elimination of manufacturers and industry concentration, we hope the industry is based on various manufacturers of investment in R & D, quality control and channels Management and the resulting fair and benign integration. "

Out of stock with cyclical and sudden, the market supply and price fluctuations have been there, especially in the old and new product lines out of stock when the possibility of higher, the agent's stocking and marketing strategies should be adjusted accordingly, the rapid market changes But also test the operating capacity of agents.

CD sales last year reached 4.1 billion yuan, this year will certainly be more than 50 million, and have the opportunity to reach 6 billion in sales. Each product line of the company will have an independent team operation, but the product line will complement each other, deep plowing, coordinated operations. "Agent operations can not rely on a single product line, I have been strategic layout of the new product line, reducing a single product line in the proportion of company sales last year, a single product line accounted for the largest proportion of total sales of 35% this year will drop Is less than 20%, while the company is also the layout of mobile phone consumer market outside, into the security and industrial areas. "Lu is the Ming said, because the agents are different from the manufacturer, the manufacturing sector either take the fine line, or take the scale of the line; The agents in a product line share and this product line in the industry share is a ceiling, if the agent too dependent on a single product line, the company will encounter growth bottlenecks, while agents have to consider The original strategy changes in the ability to resist risks. Agents of product line layout to multiple complementary, reduce the single product line and the proportion of a single market, the company can long-term stable development.

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