October 14, 2016, by eMedia Asia Limited published by the leading electronic management magazine "International Electronic Business" hosted by the "China Business Leaders Summit" at the Marco Polo Hotel in Shenzhen was held in the same period, "2016 annual distribution Business Excellence Awards Presentation Dinner "as scheduled. At the same time, selected by the electronics manufacturers of outstanding distributors of the final winners were officially announced.034A1062●Growth Star distributors: Rui Cai Electronics, times Jie connector, Ya Chong

●Sustainable Development Distributors: Shouke Electronics, Weide International, Kai    Xinda Electronics

●The most recognized distributor - Technical support: Rui Sen electronic

●The most recognized distributors - supply capacity: excellent flying

●Best Capital Innovation Distributors: End of the World

●The best supply chain services company: Longhua

●Excellent local electronic business platform: the sound of the text, the library easy to     Internet, cloud-core city, a core electronics

●Top Ten local distributors: power source information, Beineng International, Runxin   technology, dream electronics, CLP equipment (under the CLP), a good holding, the    world strong, Serena Electronics, CD-only electronics, Holding

●Top Ten overseas distributors: Europe when the electronic, Fulbright Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Czech Republic Electronics, Trade Electronics, the world health system, the General Assembly Holdings, Chun Technology, Hong Kong Baxter (Group)

●Brand of the Year: De Jie Electronics, Asia Technology

●Outstanding Marketing Person of the Year: Tian Jiping, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Asia Pacific

●Outstanding contributions to the annual industry figures: Components industry veteran consultant Wu Zhenzhou

●Outstanding managers of the year: Shenzhen City CD-letter only when the chairman of the board is satisfied that the Ming

Schedule: 2016 China Telecom Leaders Summit announced the list of outstanding distributors in the Chinese market20161014-ESMC-1